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Just recently it appears that a number of drivers have received letters through their mail boxes from the licensing enforcement team with regards to what they have been monitoring on the towns CCTV system, ie the drivers not being parked properly on the ranks and apparently not moving up the rank they seem to be viewing this as an offence although no mention of further action has been mentioned in these letters, I have to raise my concerns as a owner driver myself I feel that the towns CCTV system is not doing the job that it was put in place for, because if it is to be used for monitoring the drivers and not what’s going on around the town where does this constitute to crime prevention? Surely this is a misuse of valuable resources, the drivers are being picked upon yet again as an easy target, strange as it seems only Rhyl appears to be monitored like this, what about the other towns of the county where there is less or no ranks available to the trade, and on another note how many members of the public actually receive letters for their behaviour cigarette ends, pizza boxes, chip cartons and cans thrown about the town, they don’t know these people but they do know the drivers of the Taxis, how strange is that? And have they got any legal right to use the CCTV system for parking offences I seem to recall they didn’t allow it in London a few years back when they planned to use CCTV for parking offences has the law been changed since then does anyone know? This really needs to be addressed legally.




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